How to simplify your forecasting

I do forecast modeling and scenario planning in Excel and it is quite simple: Be clear on your assumptions — typically top left in the worksheet Document your formulas by including a comment on input (column M below) Follow these two points and you can easily update your model, or do a handover to your... Continue Reading →

Are you delivering on strategy?

In several places I have worked, I have seen the need for a simple, regular report with key figures relevant to the execution of strategy. Strategy must be measurable and you have to follow-up regularly so you can respond quickly to any red flags. Simple, relevant and regular information, in the same format from week... Continue Reading →

Why I love Excel

I took all the MS Office courses I could get my hands during my first job. Getting up to speed with advanced Excel training from the start has been quite beneficial. I could hardly believe how useful it was — once I managed to convert the knitting-pattern of a baby sized sweater, with a complicated... Continue Reading →

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