Why I love Excel

I took all the MS Office courses I could get my hands during my first job. Getting up to speed with advanced Excel training from the start has been quite beneficial. I could hardly believe how useful it was — once I managed to convert the knitting-pattern of a baby sized sweater, with a complicated pattern, into a nice woman’s’ medium in Excel. The diverse use of Excel amazed me.

Excel is in reality a very advanced calculator and it is the perfect tool when your want your end result to be a clean table and with graphics. If you have a repetitive task then you will find Excel even more useful as you can do your set up once and then use it again and again.

A popular feature ($)

One of the most convenient features in Excel is the dollar sign (shortcut: Ctrl+alt+4). You can use this sign to lock part of your formula. There are three ways to do this:

  • You lock the column (fex $A1)
  • You lock the row (fex A$1)
  • You lock both the column and the row (fex $A$1)

It is a pretty valuable attribute in Excel — it has saved me hours of work on several occasions.

An example

In the table below, cell B10 links to cell B3 and I have chosen to lock both the column and the row ($B$3). This way I can copy the formula in cell B10 and paste it anywhere in the worksheet and it will always point back to B3.


What feature of Excel has saved you time?

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