Are you delivering on strategy?

In several places I have worked, I have seen the need for a simple, regular report with key figures relevant to the execution of strategy. Strategy must be measurable and you have to follow-up regularly so you can respond quickly to any red flags.

Simple, relevant and regular information, in the same format from week to week and from month to month.

Business intelligence reports — An Excel-based reporting tool

  • Compile data from several sources in an easy-to-read manner
  • Handle large amounts of data and convert it into relevant information
  • Can be anything from simple reports that can be used by teamleaders in their daily work…
  • … to more comprehensive reports that will display an overview of the company’s current situation — as a dashboard, with the possibility for deep dives into data relevant for each region / market / department

Using business intelligence reports will help you to deliver on strategy.




Are you delivering on strategy?

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