Big ideas for 2019

LinkedIn editor Isabelle Roughol recently published an article about 50 Big Ideas for 2019. It got me thinking….

We are already well into the fourth industrial revolution, and the technological development is moving ahead exponentially. We are now at a point on the exponential curve where the speed of change is happening without precedence — there is no way we can use historic figures or events to predict the future. Extremely exiting and perhaps also a bit scary.

Artificial intelligence and BigTech

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be more common during 2019. Already this year, most companies have implemented a bot on their website helping out with the most basic questions. Robots have also taken over several of the simplest tasks in business. This development will continue at a higher pace and AI will take over more advanced tasks and it will be more and more part of everyday life for a lot people.

It is just a matter of time before BigTech is regulated and I believe 2019 will be the year when governments finally starts to act.

Freelancing and location independence

More and more people will freelance and a lot of people want to be location independent. Digital nomads is now a fairly common term that most people are familiar with. With Gen Z entering the job market, in addition to the millennials, remote work for corporate staff in addition to freelancing and entrepreneurship will be more and more common.

Personal growth

People are also evolving during this digital disruption age, not only the technology. With AI on the rise, humans can and will evolve their compassion and humanity. These are qualities that AI cannot compete with and the world needs both.

Industry fusions

We will see more industry fusions as the old business models no longer work. Facebook will be into banking and banking will be into social media.

What’s your take on 2019? Will there be anything exiting happening? Will AI take over the world?

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