Do you really need a data strategy?

Historically, differentiation as a business strategy has focused on product and marked development. Data and analytics have been mere support functions. In the age of digital disruption however, executing a successful data strategy can be a competitive advantage on its own — and that is extremely exciting. With the vast amount of data companies have... Continue Reading →

The beginners guide to dashboards

I love dashboards! Cognos, Click View, Power BI, Tableau or the pure Excel and Powerpoint version — I think it's amazing. Before even considering what to include in a dashboard, think about the purpose and the strategy of your company. Where are you going and how are you going to compete? Check out 5 reasons... Continue Reading →

It’s time to talk about running

This Christmas I got a start number for Sentrumsløpet April 27th. Also included in the present was a 'get-out-of-jail' card to go running whenever I want to, without the guilt! So — I have to get serious about running. Just under 4 months until race time. I am plotting and planning, and reviewing my stats.... Continue Reading →

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