Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama published her memoirs in 2018. The book release was followed by a tour in the form of a conversation or an interview — similar to a talk show. My husband surprised me with tickets to her tour, and even though these were quite pricy, it was definitely worth it! The event itself was horrible (what’s up with that?), but her talk was amazing.

I have always seen Michelle Obama as a woman of high integrity. But all I really knew about her was what I’ve picked up through the mainstream media — she wears sleeveless dresses and she has amazing arms. She is a Harvard graduate and a mom-in-chief who can both sing and dance. She looks amazing in both casual and in formal and she gives off this really cool impression whenever she attends an event. Confident and beautiful.

Turns out she’s all that AND more. A lot more!

Michelle is not afraid of being personal and this is a huge strength as it gives her message even more power.

Take her Carpool Karaoke performance as an example. She comes off as so relaxed and comfortable singing out loud and talking to James Corden. Cool, honest and really grounded. Her purpose for attending was never to trend on twitter though. Her motive behind her performance was to increase awareness of her initiative “Let girls learn” and to promote the song “This is for my girls”. Sales from the song benefit charities supporting education of you women on a global level.

She is not playing around. Michelle Obama has an agenda. An important one.

Her talk in Oslo was about one hour. She touched on quite a few topics, but if I where to summarize her talk, I will pick out four topics that resonated the most.

Empowering women

nature red girl model

I believe the first theme Michelle talked about was how necessary men are in the empowering of women. Being a man who loves and respect his daughter, but who is treating young women in the office in a demeaning manner is not enough. Empowering women is 360 thing. You cannot differentiate between how you treat a beloved daughter wife or sister, and how you treat some other random woman.

tilt shift lens photography of woman wearing red sweater and white skirt while holding a boy wearing white and black crew neck shirt and blue denim short Stop being afraid

Michelle’s main message is that most people around the world are good people who wants the best for everyone. She urge everyone do stop being afraid of other people, regardless of skin color and religion. Fear only creates a barrier that is completely unnecessary. It is time to let old prejudice die. The world is better place that it seems like. Fear or anxiety should not run your choices.

The importance of mentoring

woman wearing red top holding silver macbook

Her mentoring program in the White House was only mentioned briefly during her talk, but this and other mentoring initiatives was covered more deeply in her book. Empowering the next generation is clearly important to Michelle Obama. During their time in the White House she created a mentoring program for high school girls where she set up one female mentor from her staff who were to follow one high school girl on a monthly basis. Can you image? What an opportunity and what a fantastic initiative!

Michelle Obama book coverBecoming Michelle Obama

Michelle’s journey from South Side Chicago to the White House is exceptional. Has anyone before her made such an extensive journey? Even though this journey is perhaps without precedence, Michelle still insists that what she has done, others can do. And she is actively trying to teach this to the next generation through all of her initiatives.

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