Getting the Power BI sertification….

A few weeks ago, I decided to get certified in Power BI. The closest certification I could find is the MSCA BI Reporting sertification from Microsoft.

So I will be writing a short series covering the journey. It will be a bit longer than what I first foresaw.

The MCSA sertification is awarded after passing two exams, 70-778 Power BI and 70-779 Excel.

Grasping the real requirement for passing the exams is quite challenging.

My learning plan changes weekly, but currently I am using the following resources:

In my experience I learn a lot from writing good notes. So I will use half an A4 sheet covering each topic from the test questions and from the video-series from Guy in a cube. Once I am comfertable with these 100 +/- topics, I will revisit the full edX course to make sure I now know it all, and the same with the Windows Learn courses.

Yesterday I ordered a book on Power BI and Excel (by Alberto Ferrari and this other guy), so I can dedicate my comuting-time to Power BI as well. The Definitive Guide to DAX 2019 edition is not availeble, but I’ve signed up for a heads-up once it’s back in circulation.

Summerbreak starts in about two weeks. That means a rather long break in the certification-preparations, but that’s okay. I can still read and play around with makeovermonday in the evenings, but a bit more relaxed.

Current confidence: 6/10

Sleeves up!!

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