How to pass the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam

AZ-900, where to start…

Microsoft normally offers 1-day instructor-led training leading up to AZ-900. At least in Norway. Seems like a good place to start. I signed up three times this year, and they were all cancelled.

Getting connections

About a month ago, I attended a virtual MAIAD training (Modern Excel Analyst In A Day, train the trainer). It was an excellent session and I connected with a few of the attendees on LinkedIn afterwards (👍). These new connections turned out to be very useful. Alex Powers is a Sr Intelligence Technical Specialist at Microsoft, and you should absolutely follow him. And Dan Ray – tonns of interesting stuff!!

Through my new contacts, I came across Azure Fundamentals virtual training sessions. They were specifically targeting the AZ-900 exam topics. It was held by Matt Hester and Garrett Bundy from Microsoft. I see that they still have openings available going forward. Check it out – free exam voucher is included 🙂

Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Microsoft Learning Paths
In addition to the virtual training, I went through all relevant AZ 900 Learning Paths. I see that they change now and then, but I would rather go through some of the topics twice than missing out.

The learning paths are quite time-consuming, but definitly worth it. Some of the modules includes a sandbox where you can log in to the Azure Portal and do different tasks in a test-environment. This is really great!

I never tried the official practice tests, so no input from me on those.

Mind Maps
One of the last things I did, was to draw a mind-map covering all the topics. By hand. I even included some color-coding. I put the map on my wall while I was re-reading through the different topics on MS Learn. By using the mind map I was able to understand where all the different terms and topics belong. You have to understand where all the different concepts belong.

And then I just went for it! Booked the exam for a Saturday evening:)

Best of luck!!

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