How can Power BI e-mail reports?

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This posts topic is a response to “Can Power BI e-mail reports”

The licensing model for Power BI gives different users different opportunities.

A pro-user can subscribe to e-mails of the report pages relevant. This type of sharing is based on your licence. The email can be set up to give you a preview and it will give you a link that will take you back into Power BI Service. You can set up the subscription very specifically for your needs, so it’s an excellent tool to get information directly in you mailbox.

E-mailing a pdf or ppt file from Power BI Service to clients or collegues without a pro-licence can not be done automatically. I would guess this is part of the strategy in their licencing model. A free license will give you a lot of opportuinites, but sharing of data is meant to be a pro-licence thing.

There are different workarounds though. Top of mind is Power Automate, which is also part of the Power Platform. Power Automate, previously Microsoft Flow, can be used to automate processes based on different rules. Combining Power BI reports with Power Automate would probably be a solution. But Power Automate is a topic for a seperate post.


Automatic sharing of Power BI reports is done very easily if all parties have pro-licenses (or equivalent). Probably completely in line with Microsofts business model.

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