It’s time to talk about running

This Christmas I got a start number for Sentrumsløpet April 27th. Also included in the present was a ‘get-out-of-jail’ card to go running whenever I want to, without the guilt!

So — I have to get serious about running. Just under 4 months until race time. I am plotting and planning, and reviewing my stats.

It’s tough to start running in December. Cold and dark — all the time.

Regardless, I have decided that my minimum weekly effort is 3 workouts and 20K, and I need at least one quality workout. Any less and there really isn’t any point. Any more and I am afraid of loosing my family!

The first part of my plan is just to start running, regularly. Get my legs used to 20K per week. I am keeping it light — no pushing of pace!

From a logistical point of view, I need at least one of my weekly runs to be a transport run home from work. Added bonus; a tiny bit of daylight.

My weekend run is an 8K in the forrest with our dog. That way I can leverage on giving the dog some well deserved exercise AND banking 8K.

My third weekly workout is probably a treadmill run. I am not a huge fan of treadmill running (boaring!), but it is efficient — so I use it. Besides I actually have a treadmill in our basement, so it’s pretty convenient.

That’s part one (of four) of my plan.

Sentrumsløpet, watch out — sub 60 minutes, here I come!

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