The shoes

I currently have 9 pair of running shoes, and a standing arrangement with my husband to throw away a pair before I buy new ones.

This is tricky as I really need them all.

  1. The pink Asics in the back are for running intervals on the track. Obviously I cannot throw away these.
  2. The black and turquoise Brooks are my competition shoes. How am I to compete without these…?
  3. The purple Nikes have never been used outside. These have been my treadmill shoes for years. Off course I need to have separate treadmill shoes.
  4. The dirty, grey Asics are my only pair with gore-tex. I need these when I am reluctant to go for a run in the rain. Seriously — the gore-tex makes a difference quite often if it’s raining.
  5. The turquoise and yellow Saconys, back right corner, are my current favorites and my newest addition. For the time being I use them on the treadmill, but once the season starts I will upgrade them!
  6. The white and pink Asics in the front are probably my oldest pair. These are the only shoes with a high drop. It is important to vary among what running shoes to  use, so I need these heavy and high-drop shoes for variety. Injury prevention!
  7. Sauconys again, white. I use these when I go for easy runs. They are light and have drop of 4mm as most of my other shoes. Nothing special about these, but I do need to have shoes for easy runs as these runs make up most of the km.
  8. Icebug, dark purple and orange. I got these from my husband for my birthday. I use them for all my terrain runs. They are very light and have a solid grip. Very happy with these shoes. Plus off course some sentimental value as my husband picked them out, and nailed it!
  9. Then there’s my old grey and purple Asics terrain shoes. I have had several pairs of Asics in the same size, but for some reason the size in these differs. They are actually a bit small and I have hardly used them for running at all. But I like their appearance — so these have been worn out by pure transportation walking. They should be recycled — there are several holes in them. But I just like them to much.

I have my heart set out for a pair of Adidas shoes as a new addition to my collection.

So …. which pair do I recycle next?

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