About me

Hi there — I am Ellen 👋

Business intelligence consultant, runner, wife, mother and dog-owner (was that the right order..?)

I ❤️ numbers and analytics. My background is from finance, strategy and business intelligence — I feel it is a solid 3-leged combination and it gives me perspective.


I love the Internet and all the cool topics I can research oh so easily. My “why”, my reason for creating this blog in the first place, is to cover topics and information where I can be a contributer — not only a consumer.

Everyone can contribute! We can all pitch in on different levels. Readers and reseachers are looking for information on different levels. Not everyone has to be like Chris Webb (who are covering pretty heavy topics btw).

“Everyone can contribute!”

I hate advertisement though, so none of that! Affiliate links are okay in my book, so there are a few of those here. Best case it can finance the yearly fee, but probably not 🙂

Current focus

I have realized that I need to keep on developing and learning on a continuous basis to be content. Next up is DA-100 which should be a piece of cake. A preperation guide will be published once I am done (I myself love reading other peoples preperation guides!!).

In addition, I have to say that I really love the FIRE movement and there is plenty of inspiring content that I am reading a lot of these days.

Specialities and passions

Business Analytics, Power BI, Power Platform, Strategic Marketing, Strategy, Business Intelligence, Finance and running (one day I will run 10K sub 50).

Degrees and certifications

  • MBE (Siviløkonom)
  • MBA
  • MCSA BI Reporting (70-778 + 70-779)
  • Power Platform (PL-900)
  • Azure (AZ-900)

My LinkedIn Profile

This blog is currently something I do for fun. I am keeping it light and playing around. Informal running reports and some resymes from interesting books or topics I have researched.

My most read post is a Price-Volume analysis that I posted a few year ago. Looking at the stats, it seems to be a hot topic just before year-end.

Love to get some input if anyone is considering leaving a comment👍

Happy reading!


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