Power BI can…

Answer the public is a website that tracks search-words. It is presented through linking a topic with popular prepositions. It is an excellent opportunity to use as basis for a blog post series. This posts topic is a response to "Can Power BI e-mail reports" The licensing model for Power BI gives different users different... Continue Reading →

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Kate Strachnyi is one of LinkedIn top voices within data science. She has an online book club that I'm part of. Deep Work by Cal Newport was the book of February 2019. Deep work: "Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit." Cal Newport Deep Work... Continue Reading →

The shoes

I currently have 9 pair of running shoes, and a standing arrangement with my husband to throw away a pair before I buy new ones. This is tricky as I really need them all. The pink Asics in the back are for running intervals on the track. Obviously I cannot throw away these. The black... Continue Reading →

Make over Monday week 6

Make over Monday week 6 This weeks data set is a set of metrics comparing the Chinese New Year and the American Thanksgiving celebrations. Looking at data per inhabitant changes the picture quite a lot. Especially Retail and Restaurant spending during the holiday. For this weeks challenge I kept it simple and I did the... Continue Reading →

Big ideas for 2019

LinkedIn editor Isabelle Roughol recently published an article about 50 Big Ideas for 2019. It got me thinking.... We are already well into the fourth industrial revolution, and the technological development is moving ahead exponentially. We are now at a point on the exponential curve where the speed of change is happening without precedence —... Continue Reading →

Why I love Excel

I took all the MS Office courses I could get my hands during my first job. Getting up to speed with advanced Excel training from the start has been quite beneficial. I could hardly believe how useful it was — once I managed to convert the knitting-pattern of a baby sized sweater, with a complicated... Continue Reading →

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