Sentrumsløpet 2020 og sub 55 planen

I dag er det 12 uker til Sentrumsløpet. 12 uker er jo en veldig passe tidshorisont for å gjennomført et treningsprogram, så nå har jeg bestemt meg for å lage en plan. Det blir sub 55 planen. Årets første kondisblad kom i går, og sånn helt tilfeldigvis har de egne treningsprogrammer ferdig snekret til Sentrumsløpet.... Continue Reading →

Ukens kvalitetsøkt — 5 x 800m

Eksamen er overstått og jeg er i elendig form. Nå er det på tide å se litt nærmere på sub 50 planen min. Jeg tenker å ta utgangspunkt i Jack Daniels Running Formula. Han periodiserer treningen i fartstrening, intervalltrening og terskeltrening. Men jeg må tenke litt mer før jeg banker planen. Dagens økt; 2K oppvarming,... Continue Reading →

Data modeling with header and detail tables

Chapter 2 of Analyzing data With Microsoft Power BI and Power Pivot for Excel discuss the use of header/details tables in data modeling. The scenario of header/detail tables appears when you have two fact tables with similar information, but with different granularity. Each of the fact tables has its own dimensions. It looks like two... Continue Reading →

Getting the Power BI sertification….

A few weeks ago, I decided to get certified in Power BI. The closest certification I could find is the MSCA BI Reporting sertification from Microsoft. So I will be writing a short series covering the journey. It will be a bit longer than what I first foresaw. The MCSA sertification is awarded after passing... Continue Reading →

Løpsrapport fra Sentrumsløpet 27. april

Fjorårets julegaves fra mannen var startnummer til Sentrumsløpet og en haug andre goder som massasje, engasjert pt, barnepass osv. What?!? Jeg begynte selvsagt å løpe 1. juledag. Opptreningen har vært litt varierende. Løping med full A4-familie er ikke helt det samme som løping med samboer. På vei inn i startfeltet: Jeg må ikke tisse, jeg... Continue Reading →

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama published her memoirs in 2018. The book release was followed by a tour in the form of a conversation or an interview — similar to a talk show. My husband surprised me with tickets to her tour, and even though these were quite pricy, it was definitely worth it! The event itself was... Continue Reading →

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Kate Strachnyi is one of LinkedIn top voices within data science. She has an online book club that I'm part of. Deep Work by Cal Newport was the book of February 2019. Deep work: "Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit." Cal Newport Deep Work... Continue Reading →

The shoes

I currently have 9 pair of running shoes, and a standing arrangement with my husband to throw away a pair before I buy new ones. This is tricky as I really need them all. The pink Asics in the back are for running intervals on the track. Obviously I cannot throw away these. The black... Continue Reading →

Defusing buzzwords — data mining

Just a few weeks ago, I only knew the term "data mining" from my previous research into Bitcoins ( = complicated stuff!!) Imaging my surprise when I found out that data mining is a lot closer to home: Techniques used for discovering patterns in large data sets. Clustering analysis Segmentation or clustering is one of... Continue Reading →

Make over Monday week 6

Make over Monday week 6 This weeks data set is a set of metrics comparing the Chinese New Year and the American Thanksgiving celebrations. Looking at data per inhabitant changes the picture quite a lot. Especially Retail and Restaurant spending during the holiday. For this weeks challenge I kept it simple and I did the... Continue Reading →

Do you really need a data strategy?

Historically, differentiation as a business strategy has focused on product and marked development. Data and analytics have been mere support functions. In the age of digital disruption however, executing a successful data strategy can be a competitive advantage on its own — and that is extremely exciting. With the vast amount of data companies have... Continue Reading →

The beginners guide to dashboards

I love dashboards! Cognos, Click View, Power BI, Tableau or the pure Excel and Powerpoint version — I think it's amazing. Before even considering what to include in a dashboard, think about the purpose and the strategy of your company. Where are you going and how are you going to compete? Check out 5 reasons... Continue Reading →

It’s time to talk about running

This Christmas I got a start number for Sentrumsløpet April 27th. Also included in the present was a 'get-out-of-jail' card to go running whenever I want to, without the guilt! So — I have to get serious about running. Just under 4 months until race time. I am plotting and planning, and reviewing my stats.... Continue Reading →

Big ideas for 2019

LinkedIn editor Isabelle Roughol recently published an article about 50 Big Ideas for 2019. It got me thinking.... We are already well into the fourth industrial revolution, and the technological development is moving ahead exponentially. We are now at a point on the exponential curve where the speed of change is happening without precedence —... Continue Reading →

5 reasons why strategy execution fails

Google "Strategic planning" and you will have close to half a billion hits — that's a lot! It's a hot topic, and it has been for many years. Strategic execution, not so sexy. However, one cannot work without the other. The two concepts are complementary. Strategy fundamentals — the three levels of strategy The highest... Continue Reading →

How to simplify your forecasting

I do forecast modeling and scenario planning in Excel and it is quite simple: Be clear on your assumptions — typically top left in the worksheet Document your formulas by including a comment on input (column M below) Follow these two points and you can easily update your model, or do a handover to your... Continue Reading →

Are you delivering on strategy?

In several places I have worked, I have seen the need for a simple, regular report with key figures relevant to the execution of strategy. Strategy must be measurable and you have to follow-up regularly so you can respond quickly to any red flags. Simple, relevant and regular information, in the same format from week... Continue Reading →

Why I love Excel

I took all the MS Office courses I could get my hands during my first job. Getting up to speed with advanced Excel training from the start has been quite beneficial. I could hardly believe how useful it was — once I managed to convert the knitting-pattern of a baby sized sweater, with a complicated... Continue Reading →

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